SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH, Elzee SolarMax Service GmbH, Annaberg-Buchholz

The company “SolarMax 2.0”

The SolarMax group was founded in June 2015 in Ellzee (Bavaria). The company develops, produces and sells sting- and central inverters for grid connected solar power plants as well as accessories as solutions for monitoring. SolarMax group emerged from the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG. Majority shareholder is RenerVest group, which is located in Waldstetten in Bavaria. The company purchased trademark rights, production equipment as well as the warehouses, online portals and the service location of Sputnik Engineering AG, which is located in Annaberg-Buchholz in Saxony. SolarMax was also able to assume development engineers and the German Sales manager from Sputnik Engineering.

Strong performance
The managing directors tie up to the 20- year’s tradition of SolarMax and combine proven quality and the comprehensive service concept with new ideas and a lean structure. First of all a service network has been established, than, in September production in Burgau started. In this location, SolarMax develops and produces innovative products on the pulse of time.

Thanks to financially strong and specialized investors with more than ten years’ experience in the market of renewable energies and the lean structure, SolarMax group succeeded in shortest time to regain the trust of the customers and to re-establish on the inverter market.

SolarMax - Photovoltaic-Inverters and Storage systems - With passion and commitment for a sunny future