Stable yields, minimized risks:

In order to obtain a long-term return, solar power plants, and in particular the central inverter as the core component, must work perfectly for years. Dust, moisture, wear of mechanical parts, or even damage caused by animals may strongly affect the functionality of inverters such that the solar power plant no longer provides the desired output. Professional maintenance reduces these risks and increases the output.

The SolarMax maintenance services include comprehensive diagnostics of the central inverter including an inspection of the connected cables by qualified service technicians, replacement of parts, as well as cleaning of dust and dirt from the machine. In addition to this, a firmware update is also carried out by the technician and a central inverter status report is compiled, if required.

This service is available as a one-time maintenance visit under the MaxCheck package, or at regular intervals via the MaxPrevent service agreement.

Service Description MaxCheck MaxPrevent
Output Improved output
Cabling and replacement Inspection of the connected cables; replacement
of parts (fans and fuses) as required
Firmware Settings check, review of the error log, firmware update

Before/after images of the central inverter
Thermographic images

Status report Comprehensive status report
Intervals   As required by the
Every two years at periods
of low irradiation
Warranty Warranty upon completion of the service work 1 month 1 month
Optional warranty extension Depending on the central inverter's condition, the customer may request a warranty extension Yes Yes, during the MaxPrevent
contract period
Order   Any time Any time (upon commissioning,
a prior MaxCheck is required)