Sunny perspectives for ambitious people

Our company offers many opportunities, because the development opportunities in the field of 
photovoltaics are huge. We do not only offer interesting jobs in a dynamic market, but also individual employee development and attractive 
career opportunities.

Along with numerous different jobs, there are different training and further education programs. This includes language courses, management programs, seminars, workshops, as well as external training measures.

Our committed employees make up the main part of our success. They bear responsibility, enjoy taking on challenges, participate actively, can identify with their assignment, and all act in concert.

The photovoltaics industry has prospects. When generating energy from fossil raw materials the environment is polluted strongly, the resources will run short sooner or later, and the general acceptance for nuclear energy is decreasing. Solar energy is inexhaustible and produces neither waste nor noise or exhaust gases. We want to use the most reliable of all energy sources and provide our contribution to covering the increasing need for energy in an environmentally friendly and economic manner.

Let the spirit of the founders of our company grab you and become a part of our success. We guarantee long-term perspectives in a real growth industry.