SolarMax MT A series

Unleashing new potential

The SolarMax MT A series maximize yields of any commercial PV plant when it is connected to the low or medium-voltage grid. Maximum input voltages of up to 1000V enable longer PV strings, reducing cable losses and expenses while achieving greater energy harvests. In addition, the high power density of the inverters helps to reduce installation time and cost.

Rugged and safe

The robust NEMA 4X aluminum housing can withstand extremely challenging weather conditions. The MT A inverters feature DC terminal blocks with pluggable connectors and two conduit connector options for safe and easy installation. Our Multi- MPPT concept also means string fuses are not required to protect DC lines.

Economical and flexible

The Multi-MPPT concept of the SolarMax MT A series reduces the distance between the module rows thereby increasing the ground-coverage ratio. As a result, decentralized PV power plants can be implemented at lower cost. The yield optimization of very small PV power units is an additional advantage. This way, different irradiation conditions or asymmetrical divisions of the PV strings are compensated for, and modulefields can be adjusted individually to their maximum operation point.

Competent after-sales service

If a device fails to function normally there is a hotline ready to help you find the source of the malfunction. If the device is the cause of the malfunction we will replace it without delay. In addition, we also support our partners with regular training and our free “MaxDesign” design software, which makes creating an installation as easy as anything!