Connection box 32HT2

Our optional connection box for SolarMax 32HT2 allows consolidation of up to eight strings on the two MPP trackers of the inverter. Additionally, it has three advantages you will no longer be able to do without after the first use: 

Optimum safety and standards compliance: Did you know that in Germany alone there are more than one million lightning strikes each year and that this leads to more than 300,000 insurance claims? The “type I/II” overvoltage and lightning current carrying capability not only offers optimum protection for your inverter during thunderstorms, but is required by the local applicable standards in an increasing number of countries, particularly if the building has its own lightning conductor or if the DC-side cable lengths exceed 10-15 meters. An optimum thermal concept and lockable DC switches that can be operated from external locations add to the safety provided by the box.

Maximum installation flexibility: The connection box for the 32HT2 models can, for instance be mounted to the building for easy operation by your fire department. Alternatively, you can install the connection box directly below or next to your inverter. It is also possible to install the box next to the modules, minimizing your wiring costs. Regardless of where you position the connection box, you can benefit from maximum design flexibility whilst also meeting the site-specific safety requirements.

Easy maintenance: Wear parts such as fuses or overvoltage contactors can be easily and quickly replaced with the 32HT2 connection box. The front door of the connection box opens using two double-bit keys, enabling parts to be easily replaced before re-closing the door.