SolarMax MT series

Maximum pay-back

With a euro efficiency of 97.5 % the inverters of the SolarMax MT series maximise yields of any PV plant. Maximum DC voltages of up to 900 V enable longer strings reducing cable losses and expenses.

Swiss Quality

Each SolarMax MT series inverter satisfies all the requirements of the GS mark of conformity for product safety. Thanks to our high quality standards we can grant a standard five-year manufacturer’s warranty for each string inverter which can be extended optionally to a maximum of 25 years.

Clever multi-tracking

PV installations equipped with inverters from the Solar Max MT series make more efficient use of different roof surfaces. Multi-tracking enables the operating point of individual module fields to be set, and thus optimised, individually. The innovative and flexible multi-tracking enables the solar generator to be segmented specifically to minimise the power losses which can arise from temporary shading.

Competent after-sales service

If a device fails to function normally there is a hotline ready to help you find the source of the malfunction. If the device is the cause of the malfunction we will replace it without delay. In addition, we also support our partners with regular training and our free “MaxDesign” design software, which makes creating an installation as easy as anything!

Innovative cooling system

A new, intelligent cooling concept exhausts the heat more efficiently out of the housing, thus reducing rate at which the electronic components age. All SolarMax MT series inverters also work under the harshest conditions without any loss in performance – and that at ambient temperatures as high as 50 °C. This is why sensors monitor the operating temperature to protect the inverters against over-heating.

Smart operation and communication

All the relevant information and settings are presented on the straight-forward graphics display. And an integrated data logger stores all the important data from the sensors. Every inverter is equipped with an RS485 and Ethernet standard interface and can be easily enhanced by adding on “MaxComm” components. For example, the free MaxMonitoring App represents the output data in a clear manner so that you can see at any time how much environmentally friendly solar energy a facility is generating and has fed into the public grid.

Easier-than-ever installation

The inverters of SolarMax MT series are easy, compact and their plug-in, easily accessible connections can be installed in no time. Thanks to the included mounting rails they can be easily mounted on the wall. The integrated DC circuit breakers enable the inverters to be disconnected from the solar generator in one step.