SolarMax RX series

  SolarMax 500RX SolarMax 533RX SolarMax 600RX
Input values
MPP voltage range 500 ... 990V i  533 ... 990V i 600 ... 990V i
MPP voltage range for Pnom 532 ... 900V i
@CosPhi=1.0; Uac nom
 567 ... 900V i
@CosPhi=1.0; Uac nom
638 ... 900V i
@CosPhi=1.0; Uac nom
Maximum DC voltage 1000 V (1100 V) ii
Maximum DC current 960A (240 A per power unit)
Number of MPP trackers 4
Number of independent power units 4
Maximum oversizing factor DC:AC  1.5 iii
DC Connection type per power unit
Information per pole and power unit
Threaded bolts 3 x M12
Multi tracker / DC cable copper (Cu):
1 DC cable minimum diameter 95 mm2 or
2 DC cables minimum diameter 70 mm2 or
3 DC cables minimum diameter 50 mm2
Multi tracker / DC cable aluminium (Al):
1 DC cable minimum diameter 185 mm2 or
2 DC cables minimum diameter 120 mm2 or
3 DC cables minimum diameter 95 mm2
Output values
Rated output 500kW i  533kW i 600kW i
Maximum apparent output power 500kVA  533kVA 600kVA
Nominal mains voltage 320V, 3 phase with ground  350V, 3 phase with ground 400V, 3 phase with ground
Maximum AC current 920A per phase  908A per phase 884A per phase
Mains nominal frequency / range 50Hz / 45Hz ... 55Hz

Connection type

per phase
threaded bolts 3 x M12
AC cables Cu
2 AC cables minimum diameter 300 mm2
3 AC cables minimum diameter 150 mm2
Grid connection Three-phase (without a neutral conductor)
Grid support  
Power factor (cos phi) Adjustable from 0.80 overexcited to 0.80 underexcited
Distortion factor at rated power  < 3 %   
Low Voltage Ride Through  Yes
Remote control of P, Phi, Q  Yes
Max. efficiency 98.3 %  98.4 % 98.5 %
European efficiency 98.1 %  98.2 % 98.3 %
Power input
Own consumption (night) <  40W 
Environmental conditions
Max. altitude  2000 m above sea level (higher with derating)
Ambient temperature range -20 °C ... +50 °C
Ambient temperature range at rated power -20 °C ... +45 °C
Cooling air flow  Up to >4000 m3/h
Relative humidity 0 ... 98 % (no condensation)
Noise emissions <  65 dBA (3 meters) iv
IP protection class  Outdoor rated with dual zone concept: IP54 for electronics and IP44 for magnetics / heatsinks
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Anti islanding Yes
AC & DC overvoltage & temperature  Yes
AC & DC short circuit & overcurrent Yes
Display Colour touch display and status LED
Data logger Data logger for energy yield, peak output and operating duration for the last 31 days, 12 months and 10 years
Galvanic insulation No galvanic isolation: direct connection to MV transformer with galvanically isolated windings for every inverter
EMC EN 61000-6-2 / EN 6100-6-4 v
Standard / guideline compliance G59/3 / Arrêté du 23/04/08 iv
Device safety IEC 62109-1/2 iv)
Data communication Ethernet and RS485
Status signalling contact Potential-free terminal contact pair (configurable function)
Alarm input Potential-free terminal contact pair (configurable function)
Inverter shut-off 1 Potential-free terminal contact pair
Inverter shut-off 2 Potential-free terminal contact pair
Weight & dimensions
Weight ca 1600 kg
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 2250 x 2290 x 1200
Standard warranty 5 years
Warranty extensions to 10, 15, 20, or 25 years from installaton
Optional Full-ServiceMaxControl
Technical Availability guaranteed
97% up to 25 years from installation
Project-specific solutions on request

i @ CosPhi=1; Uac nom
ii mains operation up to 1000 Vdc
iii dependent upon project-specific assessment
iv prelim. data
v in preparation


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