MaxConnect plus

MaxConnect plus makes it possible to bundle the individual strings of your PV generators. Individual string monitoring enables the device to recognise defects and shading early.

The currents and voltages place enormous requirements on the components. The device is designed throughout to handle 900 V. High-quality components guarantee long life and the best availability.

MaxConnect plus is completely safeguarded:

  • Integrated string fuse monitoring and overvoltage conductor protect against extraordinary operating conditions.
  • Thanks to a built-in high-performance isolating switch you can switch off the plant at any time quickly and safely.

Individual strings can be disconnected and metered for maintenance and inspection. Fuses can be replaced at zero potential.
MaxConnect plus is delivered ready to connect. The only thing left to do is to connect the strings from the solar modules and the bus to the SolarMax central inverter. You can mount the device at the fastening holes on the back.

MaxConnect plus has one electronic string monitoring unit which measures the individual currents and recognises deviations from the average value. The error tolerance can be set, individual strings can be masked out. The corresponding data are displayed in the integrated LC display.

It can be easily integrated into the plant monitoring system. In the event of a malfunction, the data loggers enable error messages to be sent by email or SMS.


  • Aluminium casing with corrosion protection type IP65
  • Quick and easy wall mounting
  • Completely pre-assembled and ready to connect, incl. cable sleeves
  • Designed for 12 or 16 strings
  • Electronic string current monitoring with alarm system via MaxWeb xp
  • Integrated LC display
  • Integrated overvoltage protection