SolarMax TS-SV series

Maximum pay-back

The TS-SV central inverters are manufactured to a high standard of quality and the consistent use of film capacitors and intelligent monitoring of the power semiconductors make them especially durable and dependable. TS-SV inverters maximise with a Euro efficiency of 97 % and an MPP efficiency of 99.9 % the yield of any solar installation. Our competent technical support team looks forward to helping you develop the best layout for your PV installation.

Smart operation and communication

All important data and settings are readable on the central control and operation unit (MCU). The integrated data logger saves statistics on yields, peak outputs and operating hours for as long as ten years. The inverters can be connected into the MaxComm communications system via the RS485 or Ethernet interfaces. Contacts for remote-controlled shut-downs and status messages have also been integrated. The AC and DC circuit breakers, which are accessible from outside, allow easy disconnection from the PV generator and from the grid.

Warranty coverage

The central inverters of the TS-SV series are characterised by a two-year standard warranty that can be extended to up to 25 years (including standard warranty) using the options “Limited” and “Full”. MaxControl, the full-service package, can also be concluded for up to 25 years. This service package (alarm system, device and system monitoring, data analysis) includes an availability guarantee. If the availability of the inverter (per year) is lower than 97 %, we will provide you with a flat yield loss payment.

Competent after-sales service

And if a TS-SV inverter should at any time fail to operate as usual, our Service Centre will provide straight-forward and competent assistance in five languages. If the solution cannot be found quickly, our service technicians will come to the site right away. We also support our partners by providing them with practical training sessions at regular intervals.

Grid management

The TS-SV inverters meet the requirements of the BDEW medium-voltage guideline. They are capable of supporting the grid actively with reactive power and to remain on-line in case of short-term grid failures. Max Web xp, the web-based data logger, facilitates inverter monitoring and remote control (e.g., to reduce inverter output).

Potential equalization set

The TS-SV central inverters can optionally be equipped with a potential equalization set (PES). The PES acts as an earth for the PV generator which allows the use of thin-film or back-side-contacted modules.

TS-SV Master Control Unit

The Master Control Unit (MCU), the central control and operation unit equipped with a display, enables as many as four TS-SV inverters to be controlled and monitored. As an option the MCU can be fitted with a MaxWeb data logger to easily integrate the installation into a MaxComm network.