TS-SV Compact Station

Combined with the TS-SV inverters, the SolarMax TS-SV Compact Station is the cost-optimised complete outdoor solution for large-scale PV plants. In a SolarMax TS-SV Compact Station, two TS-SV inverters can be accommodated, including MCU (Master Control Unit).

When compared to a conventional concrete station, the TS-SV Compact Station is characterised by significantly lower weight and allows for quick, easy, and space- and cost-saving outdoor installation.

Rated output power of up to 720kW and reduced overall costs
If the TS-SV Compact Station is equipped with two 360TS-SV devices, it provides a rated output power of 720kW. However, the station is also available as 660TS-SV Compact Station with two 330TS-SV inverters and a rated output power of 660kW.
Due to the increased nominal output power of the 360TS-SV inverters, less inverter stations are required for an outdoor plant in total. This reduces the overall costs of the plant.

Easy outdoor installation
The TS-SV Compact Station has a compact housing and is provided to the plant manufacturer as a turn-key solution. With a total weight of less than three tons, the TS-SV Compact Station is easy to transport and install. Thanks to the rust-free cable entry tray, no concrete foundation is necessary. Two of these stations can be connected to the medium-voltage mains via a plug&play facility using a transformer station.

Flexible use and optimum yield
The TS-SV inverters consist of three power units and can be operated either with one MPP tracker (single-MPPT with partial-load optimisation and error management) or with three independent MPP trackers (multi-MPPT). The first variant is suitable for PV power plants with a homogeneous module array and limited shadowing. However, if the plant consists of different types of surfaces or if a part of the solar generator is shaded, three trackers in multi-MPPT operation optimise the yield.