New guarantee option for SolarMax inverters: the manufacturer-independent warranty extension COVERIS Extended Warranty plus ( gives additional security

Ellzee. As of this October 2016, and in cooperation with warranty service provider COVERIS AG, the SolarMax Group is offering a manufacturer-independent warranty extension for their inverters. COVERIS Extended Warranty plus ( is the new function warranty that customers can conclude for SolarMax P, TP, MT and HT series string inverters. Prerequisite is that the devices were supplied by SolarMax after 31 March 2016 and first put into service after 30 September 2016.
This means that in future, after the standard five-year warranty has expired, operators can choose if they want a SolarMax warranty extension or if they would prefer the manufacturer-independent COVERIS Extended Warranty plus solution. If they decide to go for the COVERIS solution, the warranty protection will normally begin in the sixth year after initial operation.

Operators profit from additional security
The warranty extension from the independent warranty provider gives an added measure of safety and protects the investment made by SolarMax customers beyond the manufacturer’s guarantee. “Trust in the product quality is a crucial factor when deciding which product to buy. But many customers also want additional, long- term, manufacturer-independent dependability for the rest of its service life. This is why we have developed COVERIS Extended Warranty plus is association with COVERIS”, explains Pierre Kraus, managing director of SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH.
Plant operators can conclude COVERIS Extended Warranty plus cover up to one year after delivery of their inverter. This new function warranty is now available throughout the entire European Union, Switzerland and Sweden. The warranty is available with terms of 10, 15 or 20 years. (

Rapid assistance in the event of a claim
In the event of a claim, the COVERIS Extended Warranty plus assures you that COVERIS not only covers the repair or replacement of the device, but also deals with all the claims and repair management. And in the event that the damage results in longer operational downtime, COVERIS will reimburse loss of earnings as of the tenth working day, and for up to twelve months. “We work with a network of competent service partners, which means that we guarantee not only rapid, but also competent assistance in instances of damage“, promises COVERIS AG chairman Alois Koop-Brinkmann.

About the SolarMax Group
The SolarMax Group was established in June 2015 in Ellzee, Bavaria. The company develops, manufactures and sells string and central inverters for grid-connected solar power systems, accessories, and plant monitoring solutions. The principal shareholder is the RenerVest Group, based in Waldstetten, Bavaria.
The investment company has ten years experience in the renewable energy sector. In addition to the brand rights and production equipment, the company also took over the stock and Internet portal from the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG, as well as the service centre in Annaberg-Buchholz (Saxony). 

COVERIS AG, based in Lohne, Lower Saxony, provides manufacturer-independent insurance of the function of heat and cold generation plants and photovoltaic inverters. Originally founded with its focus on the German market as Coveris GmbH, strong corporate growth led to turning the firm into a joint stock company, COVERIS AG, in 2013. At the same time the company expanded its business activities to cover the countries of the European Union and Switzerland.
COVERIS AG is part of the AKB group of companies, which employs around 1,000 employees and provides services for industry, commercial and private customers. AKB Holding also offers comprehensive problem solutions from erection to operation, for safeguarding against functional risks, for maintenance and cleaning, as well as providing personnel services for industry, commerce and private customers.

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