SolarMax offers for inverter of TP series 10 years warranty*

Within the framework of a special campaign, we are pleased to inform you today, that we are able to offer you a 10 years’ warranty for your small 3-phase inverter of the SolarMax TP-series. This special action is limited from May 17. 2016 to August 17. 2016.

Hereby, SolarMax highlights its conviction regarding his products and offers his customers a free advantage in relation to the price-performance ratio, which already is very attractive.

SolarMax guaranties a proper function and freedom from defects of your SolarMax devices during the warranty period in accordance with the guarantee conditions.

Within the framework of the special action, SolarMax offers you 10 years warranty from the order date of the inverter.

Within the warranty, SolarMax bears the costs in accordance with the guarantee conditions. 

Before expiry of the warranty, we are obviously able to offer you a warranty extension, for inverters of TP-series (15, 20, 25 years).

Here once again the advantages of TP-series.

Individual tracker concept
Thanks to a dual tracker concept, the TP series is extremely suitable for east-west roofs. Odd numbers of modules or output tolerances do not constitute any limitation either. The solar power plant can thus be designed more ideally to the consumption profile of the household. Ideal for increasing the natural self-consumption.

Versatile connection area
Due to the simple connection concept, the TP series can be installed in the twinkling of an eye – this saves time and money. The divided area includes the communication connections and external interfaces, along with the grid connection. For example, data from an external counter can be read in in order to intelligently control electrical loads.

Reducing the electricity bill
The integrated I/O interfaces are capable of both reading in data from an external energy counter and switching controllable electrical loads. This way, the self-consumption of the self-generated PV power can be increased without further ado. This provides for independence and reduces the annual electricity bill.

Direct Internet connection
The free MaxView allows for long-term and location- independent plant monitoring without an external data logger. Plug&Play is used in order to directly connect the TP series to commercially available Internet routers. This way, the plant can be monitored at any time on site or in transit. Simply register the inverters and plants at maxview. once – and get started.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us per phone +44 20 38080346 or per Email 

Best regards

Pierre Kraus CEO
SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH

Zur Schönhalde 10 | D-89352 Ellzee

*Specialcampaign 10 years (May 17. to August 17. 2016 – while stocks last). 

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