SolarMax offers insights into the inverter and storage production

Press Release by the SolarMax Group, dateline 04.09.2017 

Ellzee. Numerous close-ups in the SolarMax Group’s new corporate video show how solar inverters and storage systems are made at its Burgau plant. From the first screen layout and the assembly of the initial components through to the endurance test, viewers can see how SolarMax staff develop and manufacture the devices before testing that they function perfectly. The second section of the film shows how SolarMax reacts to faults and customer requests. The film is rounded off with an insight into the company’s values. 

SolarMax sets standards in terms of quality
“With our fully-developed products and solutions we set standards in terms of quality”, explains Pierre Kraus, managing director of SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH. This is why it has been possible for the company that emerged from the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG to successfully establish itself in the inverter and storage market within such a short time.
“We place great store in transparency and customer focus, and that is why we are giving a particularly detailed glimpse into our production, service structure and corporate philosophy”, adds Kraus. The film can be downloaded free of charge with immediate effect via the following link:
SolarMax Group’s new corporate video 

About the SolarMax Group
The SolarMax Group was founded in June 2015 in Ellzee, Bavaria. The enterprise develops, manufactures and sells string and central inverters for grid-connected solar power systems, technical accessories and plant monitoring solutions. The principal shareholder is the Waldstetten (Bavaria) based RenerVest Group.
The investment group has ten years experience in the renewable energy sector. In addition to the brand rights and production equipment, the company also took over the stock and Internet portal from the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG, as well as the service centre in Annaberg-Buchholz (Saxony). 

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