Technical Support

In the case of technical questions and queries about your inverter, its connection and transmission of the values of your photovoltaic plant, our engineers of the technical support will be glad to assist you competently and solution-oriented.
Furthermore, we offer optimisation measures for an undisturbed operation of your photovoltaic plant and the related communication for data collection.
Should, contrary to all expectations, a failure of your photovoltaic plant occur, our technical support will directly get a failure report from our hotline via our ticket system. Subsequently, our technical support consider whether and how you can receive help as quickly as possible. In such case, no care needs to be taken because we arrange this internally and independently.

  •  In the case of a necessary repair of central inverters we commission our field service team, consisting of experienced service engineers and/or certified service partners. Together with you, these experts will arrange an on-site appointment for the inspection and necessary repair measures. Very simple and uncomplicated, because our field service team already knows possible failures and their remedies.
  • In the case of a string inverter warranty claim, we will arrange an exchange of the defective device, of course exempt from any charges. Within 10 days, you can return the defective device free of charge.

As in all areas, we work consequently on optimisations of our processes, that we increase customer satisfaction and to give the feeling of being in good hands.

Simple, uncomplicated and solution-oriented!