SOLARMAX combines pioneering technologies made in Germany with more than 30 years experience in the market for renewable power generation - for a sustainable, efficient and profitable use of solar energy.

With competence, reliability and passion, we develop, produce and sell intelligent inverters and battery storage systems for grid-connected solar power systems. In addition, we offer individually optimized, holistic solutions and reliable accessories for system monitoring and control.

Our benefits 

SOLARMAX was the first to 
develop and launch state of the
art inverters without heavy
Our solutions aim for ease of
installation and use, flexibility
and durability.
In other words, we pioneer to
provide sustainable, efficient and
profitable solar energy solutions. 
Today, more than 500,000
inverters and battery storage
already produce climate-neutral
and renewable energy in
photovoltaic systems of all sizes.

The MAX.STORAGE Ultimate battery storage system is designed, developed and produced in Bavaria, a region in the South of Germany. For us, "Made in Germany" still stands for high quality, long-lasting and user-oriented engineering. We add features in that we make our solutions intelligent, interconnective and sustainable for the future. The unique modularity, a wealth of interfaces, high-quality components and an intelligent control system that can be updated over-the-air speak for themselves and are designed for a long service life.

The MAX.STORAGE Ultimate 
has a unique, consistent modular 
design so that it can support you 
appropriately and particularly
With the DC/DC converter 
modules, you determine how 
fast the battery is charged and 
how much power 
your home storage system can 
provide. Five modules fit into the
MAX.STORAGE Ultimate and
give you a rated output 
of 1.75 kW per module.
The battery modules 
determine the storage capacity 
of your MAX.STORAGE Ultimate. 
This has five compartments 
for batteries and thus a 
storage capacity
of 3 to 15 kWh.


Our Vision goes far beyond the physical products of our product portfolio. 
As a brave energy pioneer and pioneer in green business, we as SOLARMAX 
drive the energy transition  and see ourselves as trusted partner on the way to your self-sufficient energy supply.  Based on reliable information we make use of our awareness on the requirements
of our surrounding as well as of our deep specialist knowledge,to create positive 
thoughts ideas and solutions for sustainable actions. 


As a service partner, we offer you an extensive 
service package. 
Among others it consisting of:
  • Sales trainings
  • Installations trainings
  • Webinars
  • Commissioning services
  • Repair services
  • Spare parts availibility


Unique modular
The battery storage system MAX.STORAGE Ultimate, imagined, engineered and produced in Bavaria, in a region in the south of Germany, stands for proven quality and highest safety during handling, installation and use in the application.
  • 6 - 15 kW AC output power (of the inverter) 
  • 3 - 15 kWh battery capacity
  • 2- 10 kW charge /discharge power
  • Generous computing capacity
  • Equipped with hardware features "on reserve"
  • Over-the air updates for the adaption to future requirements 
  • 10 year warranty
  • Unlimited plug-and-play retrofitting of batteries and charge/ discharge power


Do you control your home automation in your smart home
yourself? Then you have a wide range of settings at your
disposal with which you can control the energy distribution
and priorities in your home as well as for your e-car yourself.
Of course, the
MAX.STORAGE Ultimate does its intelligent work reliably for
you, even if you don‘t pay any attention to it.

Whether on the road with the app or at home on your computer with
our portal - at any time you can see how the solar energy is working
for you and how your MAX.STORAGE Ultimate distributes the energy
in your home.
With the reduced display of progress graphs and yield statistics, you
can find out about your yields and calculate your savings.


powerful in every application

The single-phase SP series starting from 1.000 up to 3.000 W 
SP inverters are designed for small 
and medium-sized private 
PV systems. They impress with modern features such as app setup and monitoring, and compact dimensions.
Their intelligent and compact design make them the perfect fit for low space inhouse installations for classic 
roof systems up to 5kWp, as well as for single-phase balcony or carport systems,
where the inverter is installed outdoors.
The three-phase SOLARMAX SMT series with 6 to 15 kW impresses with exceptional performance 
in compact dimensions.
A Dual-MPP tracker ensure optimal energy yield
with an efficiency of up to 98%
The SOLARMAX SHT series with 17 to 60 kW is designed for 
professional use in commerce and industry.The very robust housing 
design defies adverse outdoor conditions.
The SOLARMAX SXT with 125 kW is the 
power machine for PV parks, industrial plants and AGRI photovoltaics.

What they said

Solvetica – Swiss Solar Partner

Alois stöckl

As a sales partner of SOLARMAX in 
Switzerland and Liechtenstein
since 2015, we maintain a partnership at eye level.
We not only appreciate SOLARMAX's high-qualityand innovative products, 
but also the short distances when it comes to service issues. 
This allows us to serve our customers efficiently
and provide them with the best possible support.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Mr. Andreas Bodenmüller

General Manager

Mobil:  +49 151 14076256

Mail: a.bodenmueller@solarmax.com

Mr. Björn Schenk

International Key-Account Manager

Mobil: +49 171 7492811

Mail: b.schenk@solarmax.com